Services Offered at Open Doorways

Smoking Cessation

Become a non-smoker and conquer your habit with hypnosis! Freeing yourself from the dangers of smoking benefits your health and the health of your loved ones in countless ways. 2 to 4 weekly sessions are recommended depending on smoking history and client motivation.

Weight Release

Before you change your diet, change your mind! Hypnosis for weight release  intensifies your focus and motivation to get fit and healthy. Gain control of poor eating habits and food indulgences as well as increase your desire for water and healthy foods. 3 to 6 weekly sessions are recommended for lasting effectiveness.

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnosis for Pain Management increases your comfort level and brings peace and calm into your body, Take control of alleviating the hurt that burdens you. Bring joy back to your life with relief through hypnosis. This program is comprised of 4 weekly sessions. May require physician's referral depending on circumstance. Hypnosis for pain management is complementary to medical care and not a replacement for a doctor's diagnose and treatment plan. Open Doorways Hypnosis is Pain Management Certified.

Hypnosis for Stress Reduction

Stress is a leading cause for many health ailments and negative behaviors. Hypnosis enables you to gain inner comfort and relieves you from the harmful impacts of stress and tension. From low grade apprehension to excessive worry and difficulty coping with life's stressors, hypnosis teaches you to be in control and at ease.

Hypnosis for Sleep Improvement

Allow sound sleep to return to your life with hypnosis for sleep improvement. Sleep is a natural occurrence and a vitally important component of health. Return to restorative sleep patterns with a relaxed state of mind and calm body. Clients with a diagnosed sleep disorder are required to have a doctor's referral. 3 to 5 sessions recommended.

Hypnosis for Self Esteem

Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings about ourselves often need boosts of positivity. Elevate your self worth. Strengthen your confidence. Understand how truly valuable you are and how good you are. Hypnosis for self esteem will reinforce the wind in your sails. 2 to 5 sessions recommended.