Past Life Recall

Recall Past Lives

Discover who and where you've been prior to your current life and understand how your past connects to today. Recognize those who've been with you in previous lives. Realize matters that are deeply rooted in you and become aware of what you've carried into this life. 

Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Do you have recurring dreams?

Have you ever felt like you already know someone you've just met?

These are some ways that the memories of our past lives surface.

Past Life Recall enables you to further explore these personal mysteries and understand the messages they convey.

Past Life Recall is ideal for:

  • Understanding Connections to People, Places and Objects.
  • Exploring possible origins of chronic pain and illness.
  • Understanding your true nature and true past.
  • Understanding, Forgiving and Accepting Others.
  • Knowing the meaning of your recurring dreams and Deja Vu's.
  • Finding Answers to Questions about yourself

Benefits of Past Life Recall:

  • Recognize death as a natural part of our soul's cycle.
  • Understand that our souls are eternal and we never truly die.
  • Release what needs letting go of to improve your current life.
  • Give necessary forgiveness.
  • Acquire profound understanding of yourself and others who have influenced you.
  • Experience emotional and often physical healing.

How Does This Work?

Past Life Recall is a hypnosis service. Through deep relaxation of the body and mind you have access to your subconscious mind. You'll be guided to remember who you were, where you were, who was with you and what was happening. Past life experiences differ from person to person. If you have never been in hypnosis and wish to partake in Past Life Recall, it is recommended you practice meditation to become familiar with the technique. 

What Will I Experience?

Just as individuals vary, so do experiences with Past Life Recall. Allowing the story to unfold as it comes to you is best. For some, the memories come slowly, for others they pour forth like a stream. You may see images, hear sounds, experience tastes and smells. You may feel, sense, simply know or obtain information in multiple ways. Memories become clearer and easier to obtain with each Past Life experience. Partaking in meditation can help prepare you for Past Life Recall.


Lori received certification in Past Life Hypnosis through Dr. Brian Weiss of the Weiss Institute. She has furthered her studies in Past Lives and received certification in Soul Entrainment through The National Guild of Hypnotists.

Past Life Recall

Sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours each.

Each session is $125.00