Mediumship Sessions

Connect With Those on the Other Side

In her mediumship studies, Lori has fine tuned her abilities to connect to the Spiritual world and now offers mediumship readings. This is ideal for those who wish to connect with loved ones in Spirit and experience the profound love and healing your loved ones offer you. 

Very often your Spiritual Guides will come through with messages, wisdom and guidance. These are Spirits who have passed over and now work with you from the other side. They have amazing insight and knowledge. They support you in your life's journey.

Loved ones who have passed also come through to share messages and words with you. Even though they are in Spiritual form, your relationship with them continues. In many cases, through a mediumship session, relationships improve and healing occurs. Your connection to your loved ones can deepen, mend, grow and strengthen through mediumship.

Mediumship is offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

30 minutes = $40.  60 minutes = $75.

Soulful Connection

The Soulful Connection is presented As-You-Go.

Sessions are generally 90 minutes.

Session fee is $125.00