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What Can Hypnosis Do For You?

Imagine not even thinking about another cigarette.

Or being tempted to overeat.

Consider how your life would be if you were full of self confidence, peace of mind and positivity.

Suppose you slept soundly, conquered your pain, stress and worries.

These are only some of the many benefits of Hypnosis. 


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very natural. In fact, you experience the state of hypnosis at least twice a day. When falling asleep and when awakening. Being so engrossed in a good book or movie that you don't hear your name called is also a state of hypnosis. As is driving a long distance and not being able to recall all the miles passed. Video gamers are another example of the focused state of attention that hypnosis is.


Thanks to movies, books and hype, hypnosis has gotten a bad rap. There's no mind control in hypnosis. A client is always in control of what they do and say. People who get on stage and act silly in a hypnosis show volunteer for it. You cannot be forced to do anything against your will in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not sleep. You remain aware of your surroundings and able to interact with your hypnotist. You can't get stuck in hypnosis either. You emerge from it like a daydream. 

Important Hypno-Facts

*Hypnosis does not replace medical treatment.*

It works in conjunction with your medical practitioner or therapist as a complementary practice.

Hypnosis is safe and gentle with no side effects.

Anyone with normal intelligence has the capability of being hypnotized.

Hypnosis is an effective means of improving your lifestyle, health and habits.

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