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Relaxing and Connecting

Hypnosis is achieved through deep relaxation of the body and mind. Relaxing and Connecting is a very peaceful and calm experience. It brings comfort into your body and frees your mind from stress and worry. You can let go of everything and just be present in the moment.  In these moments of peace, your inner wisdom, courage 

and brilliance step forward.

In hypnosis, you always remain in control and aware of your surroundings. It is a state of focused concentration and awareness and you can emerge from it like a daydream. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis and you are able to interact and speak 

throughout your experience.

What is Soulful Hypnosis?

Soulful Hypnosis directs you to merge with a beautiful light that is comprised of unconditional love. This light represents your Spiritual self and evokes all your soulful qualities that are sometimes forgotten in life's journey. These core qualities are of love, joy, power and knowledge. Recalling these aspects of yourself is a 

beautiful reminder of who you really are.

What do YOU want for YOU?

 Are you feeling stuck or like you're running in place?

 Are you stressed or anxious and feeling like less than yourself? 

Do your goals feel just out of reach?

Are you struggling to conceive a child that you know is in your future?

Open Doorways has six programs that help you be a better you. 

Soulful Hypnosis Services

Soulful Path

Discover your purpose in this life

Learn more

Soulful Heart

Heal from grief and relationships

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Fearless Soul

Overcome fears and habits 

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Soulful Recall

Recall your past lives


Available Soon

Soulful Connection

Connect with loved ones in Spirit,

your Angels and Spiritual Guides

available soon

Soulful Mother

Connect with your child to be

Improve Fertility and

Conditions for Conception

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Mediumship Sessions

Lori is a medium who connects through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. She is able to share messages and guidance from your loved ones who have passed over and support you in Spirit. 

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Some services provided by Open Doorways are grouped in to programs. Programs are designed for best results in resolving client issues. Some services are available As-You-Go, where the number of sessions recommended for your most benefit is decided after each session. Please call with any questions or concerns.

About Open Doorways

Lori Senuta, CH

Lori Senuta, is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and is the owner and operator of Open Doorways Hypnosis. Lori earned her certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists and has earned many further certifications since. Her passion lies in helping people with everyday issues using hypnotic techniques and connecting them with the higher part of themselves.

The Art of Relaxation

Deeply relaxing your body and mind is accomplished by letting go of muscle tension through breathwork and imagery, as well as relieving your mind of worry and expectation. This creates a soothing feeling of freedom and calmness. Your session is a well deserved time letting go and being present. 

In this peaceful state of relaxation, you always remain mentally alert and aware of where you are and what you are doing. You are completely in control and interactive. Just as with meditation, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns you have.


The services provided by Open Doorways do not replace medical treatments or therapies by a licensed professional. Soulful hypnosis is a process for the individual to understand their own abilities to promote self healing for their own beneficial outcome. The number of sessions recommended for each program is an average figure for clients to see improvement. As individuals vary, several sessions may be needed to achieve long lasting results.

Open Doorways does not process insurance claims as most insurances do not cover hypnosis. Session fees are due at the time of your appointment.

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